Network Center

Belgian Network Solutions has a full multihomed redundant network (AS 8368). Our own optical fibre ring around Brussels connects 3 datacenters (PoPs) (LCL, InterXion and Mobistar). This optical fibre connection is split into 16 channels, two of 10Gbit and 14 of 1Gbit.

Network facility

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  • Network hardware infrastructure

Belgian Network Solutions has a 10GigE ready ethernet-based network, built up with Cisco Systems hardware at the different locations (PoP1s) around Brussels. On the optical fibre connections we use CWDM equipment to split up our fibre into several channels, more specifically 1x10GBit and 7x1Gbit.

At our different PoP locations our network is connected with different TIER-1 carriers. For the internet connectivity we work together with partners such as Cogent Communications, Level3 Communications, Tinet (Tiscali Network), Highwinds Network Group.  Every partner is connected with a minimum speed of 1Gbit. Additionaly, we are directly connected to different peering exchanges  (FreeBIX Brussels and AMS-IX Amsterdam) and private peerings with content providers.

More information about our network can be obtained by contacting one of our employees.

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Network map

  • 5 PoP's
  • Local and international exchanges