Optical Wavelenght Services

You are a large data consumer? You need to upload image files? You are anticipating a large growth of your company in the long term?

Belgian Network Solutions connects your company to an intelligent optical network. With Service Management tailor-made to your needs.

Optical Wavelength Services

  • Multiprotocol convergence
  • Resiliency
  • 99,99% Availability guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Support

Wavelength services is a service of Belgian Network Solutions which allows you to create a direct, fully protected private connection between different locations (PoPs).

Belgian Network Solutions uses the optical multiplex technology, CWDM, which makes it possible to offer higher bandwidths on existing optical fibres. We offer a channel which you can use to send up to 10GigE of data. The channel can be rolled out over several demarcation points regardless of the distance in kilometres between the different locations (PoPs). The optical fibre network is obviously equipped with alternative paths, which enter at separate entry points, thus making sure that the primary and redundant connection never fail simultaneously. By using this technology we can offer extra guarantees compared to other direct connections. No power is required for the components of the optical fibre network which are completely passive.

You can use your optical channel as your own optical fibre backbone, completely independent of all infrastructure which is not controlled by you. Every channel can support all kinds of applications, such as 10Gbe, POS, STM-3,... the functional application options are almost unlimited.

You will have a fully transparent and redundant Point-to-Point (aka VLL), Point-to-MultiPoint (aka VPLS) or Multi Point-to-Multi Point circuits with a protected channel (wavelength) over the Belgian Network Solutions infrastructure. Including 24/7 Support. Including 24/7 Monitoring. Including 99.99% uptime guarantee.

A connection tailored to your specific wishes with a quick and high-quality delivery of your private channel.

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