Cloud Computing

Does your ICT infrastructure still meet your needs or are these new investments absolutely impossible. Have you had enough of all those server problems? Do you have enough in-house ICT knowledge? Do you no longer want to house your ICT infrastructure at your business location?

Belgian Network Solutions will host your virtual machines on own hardware contained in the datacenter. Your hardware, applications and software are made available as a service through the internet.

You manage your business, we facilitate your ICT infrastructure. Every man to his trade.

Cloud Computing

  • 99,99% Availability guarantee
  • Scalable
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Leading edge solution

With Cloud Computing your hardware is virtualized on the Belgian Network Solutions platform in the own colocation room at the datacenter. Your applications and software are made available as a service through the internet. You only have to pay for the rented capacity of resources, software and the hardware required to run it. Belgian Network Solutions takes care of the application management, such as making backups, maintenance and installation of new versions and updates, the user administration, security against unauthorised access, etc.

Belgian Network Solutions makes the synergy between Cloud Computing and Managed Services available to you by managing both the infrastructure and the applications./p>

You will enjoy all the benefits of the Belgian Network Solutions infrastructure: from the fast and flexible connections (up to several 10 Gigabit links if required), the available storage capacity (up to tens of terabytes), to the high availability guarantees.

Indeed, Belgian Network Solutions makes communicating easier.

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